Our Services


Producing Efficient Results

The Landform Surveys qualified team only uses the best, up to date surveying equipment, including robotic total stations and GPS equipment to undertake our clients surveying needs. Our computer and data analyst systems provide drawings and reports of exceptional quality, providing you with accuracy and dependability you can trust. Our professional team takes pride in producing efficient results, and is always committed to deliver outstanding prompt service that takes the stress and hassle away from our clients, leaving you to focus your time and energy on what you do best.

We specialize in:

  • Topographical surveys using UAV and GPS technology.
  • Residential, Industrial, Commercial and Rural subdivisions.
  • Legal Easement Surveys.
  • Land Transfer Surveys.
  • Flood level establishment/ Height to Boundary compliance.
  • Legal Boundaries Re-established.
  • GPS/GIS Surveys- data collection.
  • Cross Lease Amendment Plans/ Fee Simple Conversions.
  • Construction/Building setouts.
  • As built surveys.
  • Rentable area surveys (BOMA).
  • Site Plans.
  • Property records searches and advice. Copies of Certificates of title.
  • Survey Control and monitoring surveys.
  • Farm mapping and effluent discharge plans.


Offering Exceptional Service and Understanding

Landform Surveys Ltd's Registered Professional Surveyor has experience working with the local District Plans and with Regional Councils. We provide all of our resource consent services and value our strong working relationships with the Councils. Much of the work we do is complex and requires careful navigation of the planning process. Our team specializes in being able to offer our clients exceptional service and understanding of the consent application process. Let us use our expertise to do what we do best. We will remove the strain from you, so you can spend your time on the things that are important to you.

We specialize in:

  • Scoping/Feasibility Reports.
  • Subdivision consent applications.
  • Landuse consent applications.
  • Site plans for Resource Consent Applications.

Land Development

Experienced, Tailor-made Assistance

When you work with our team on your projects you get experienced, tailor-made assistance that can turn your dreams into reality. Our enthusiastic, professional work ethic offers a comprehensive and innovative service enabling our client’s projects to be realized with minimal worry and fuss. Landform Surveys Ltd has an already established network and working relationship with other companies involved in the land development process offering you increased comfort and reliability that your needs will be in safe hands.

We specialize in:

  • Residential, Industrial, Commercial and Rural development.
  • Unit title subdivision.
  • Complete project management.
  • Engineering services design, and supervision.
  • Roading, right of way and car park design.
  • Earthworks design, supervision.
  • Arranging power, telecommunication and landscaping service.


Add Value To Your Infrastructure Projects

We have worked on a number of large scale infrastructures where our specialist knowledge has been an advantage. We have acquired a vast knowledge and skill base assisting our clients on the infrastructure projects. Our team delivers results that add value to your infrastructure projects. Our surveying team are always approachable and ready to discuss the process and any questions you might have, and help to create plans and solutions to any situations that arise.

We can ably assist you in:

  • Topographical surveys.
  • UAV surveys.
  • Easements surveys.
  • Deformation surveys.
  • Road Legalisation Surveys.
  • Route Planning.